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Welcome visitors/customers...

domenico owner of venice-car-service

Venicegroupservices™ is a chauffeur car service in Venice; we hire limo and van's with driver and Venice-car-service™ is a branch of it based in Treviso near to the airport, in order to arrange the services almost in real time.

This website is a mix between a blog and a place where to find tips about Venice, the town where I live and it's been created mainly for the customers of our two websites: Venicegroupservices™ and Venice-car-service™ to learn more about Venice and hinterland, but it's, of course, at disposal of everyone.

You can just read the tips&tricks and learn something more about Venice, or ask us through the blog suggestions, info and more and even interact with the other visitors asking suggestions and help each other.

You can choose on you right from "Categories" list on your right, the argument you are interested to or just browse all the entries...

If you got this blog by searching on Google or a by clicking a link stand alone, you can just surf it and enjoy the tips; if you then need a service by car and/or water taxi, please visit us at one of our two websites:

Venicegroupservices™ or Venice-car-service™ or ask us a quote directly here by clicking the button below.

Thank you and have a nice surf

Note: the form at the bottom of each post has a field "Email" but the only mandatory field to fill is "Name".